Why we say “Mother of God, save us”?

Jesus was born of the Holy Spirit from the Virgin Mary in order to save our souls. He came as our life giver but we embraced Him as His death givers.

We should realize more often than we do that any prayer we offer to the Mother of God means this: ‘Mother, I have killed thy Son. If you forgive me, I can be forgiven. If you withhold forgiveness, nothing can save me from damnation’ … We mark the fact that in her there is no discrepancy with the will of God, that she is in perfect harmony with Him, by using a formula of prayer which we only use for God and for her, ‘Save us.’

That’s why we say “Mother of God, save us”.

Based on Metr. Anthony Bloom

An icon from Vatopedi’s workshop, Mount Athos.

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