Why Saint George is such a huge saint? – Photo journal from his cell at Kolitsou (Colciu)

Saint George is a great saint. He has two monasteries dedicated in his honor on the Holy Mountain (Zographou and Xiropotamou) and a lot of cells. Besides that he is the patron saint of England, Ethiopia, Georgia, Malta, the Spanish region of Catalonia and several other national states, cities, universities, professions and organizations which claim Saint George as their patron saint.

This is so because Saint George intercedes and helps speedily with his boldness and intercessions to the Lord, so much so that from the ancient times people have him in high regard when they needed aid to have their problems solved. God allows this in order to promote the virtues of the saint, the definitory one being the virtue of pure bravery to do good deeds without compromises and the determined courage to truly love others. God acts in this way because we are a civilization which lacks a lot of courage to do good deeds.

Thus, let us overcome ourselves.

In the following photos are shots from the feast of Saint George at one of his cells in Mount Athos in the Kolitsou (Colciu) region.

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