Who killed Jesus? – Photo Journal from the Cell of St. Prokopius

Who killed Jesus? Many would say “the Jews” – however, if we look closely at the Gospels we will see that the answer isn’t correct and besides that, such forms of judgment of people based on their ethnic or cultural appurtenance of a certain group have dire consequences, as we saw in history..

The real killers of Jesus were the Pharisees and scribes, that is the spiritual and scientific leaders which more or less auto-deified themselves based on their image about their capabilities and knowledge.

Perhaps now many would say “yes, the spiritual and scientific leaders” killed Jesus – however since this is yet another form of cultural racism, besides the fact that some of them were sympathetic to Jesus and Christians (Joseph of Arimathea, Nicodemus and Gamaliel for example) . Thus it is the passion of jealousy against Jesus which killed Him, jealousy against someone which in society is much lower than you – let’s say a 33 year old carpenter – but proves through his behavior that he is absolutely much higher than you.

Therefore, let us not kill Jesus inside us and inside others with our jealousy, our callous character if we see someone much better than us but rather be open, cooperative and with a humble spirit to follow Him. Only in this way we will maintain our liberty. Otherwise we are condemned in the minuscule frame of our egotism.

We must never forget that there is blood on our hands, the blood of a King.

In these photos you see candid shots from the feast of Saint Prokopius at the cell of Saint Prokopius, on the Vatopedi’s territory. The paintings from the Chapel of St. John the Theologian are of an unknown master from 14-15th century.

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