‘When you are in an extremely dark room don’t hit out at the darkness to make it go away. That’s not how it disappears. Open the window and let in the light; in other words, submit yourself to the love of Christ and then the darkness will disappear effortlessly.’

‘When a bad or gloomy thought, fear or temptation threatens to afflict you, don’t fight it to try and get rid of it. Open your arms to Christ’s love and he will embrace you, then it will vanish by itself.’

‘When the garden of your soul is full of thistles (i.e. passions), do not try to uproot them, for as long as you concern yourself with them you will always end up being injured and infected by germs. Concentrate all your energy on the flowers of your soul, water them and then the thistles will wither themselves. And the best flower of all is your love for Christ. If you water this and it grows, all the thistles will die off.’

“Saint Porfyrios of Kavsokalyvia”


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