What thoughts we should confess?

What thoughts we should confess? This question appears again and again. Here is a simple way to look at it:

When you are in a skyscraper at 100th floor and someone is passing on the street and he is swearing against you, you will ignore him.

If that person will enter in the skyscraper and continues to swear but he just remains at the first floor, you will still ignore him but keep an eye on the problem.

If that person will come at your floor but he doesn’t know where you live and he is just wandering around swearing at you, you will be attentive at what is happening but you will still remain silent.

However if that one person starts to hit the door of your conscience continuously swearing at you, well then you will call the spiritual police, that is you will confess the problem.

Based (and adapted) on Saint Barsanuphius of Palestine

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