What is true fasting

True fasting lies in rejecting evil, holding one’s tongue, suppressing one’s hatred and banishing one’s lust, evil words, lying and betrayal of vows.

So, let your mind fast from vain thoughts; let your memory fast from remembering evil; let your will fast from evil desire; let your eyes fast from bad sights.

True fasting means self-restraint of the evil from within ourselves. Just one part is the fast tied to pleasure of food.

However because food is the most necessary thing for the body which is our main tool to help us to become humble, I am asking what weapon is more powerful and gives more boldness to the heart in the time of battle against the spirits of wickedness, than hunger endured for Christ’s sake?

Based on Saint Basil the Great, Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk, Saint Issac the Syrian

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