We see ourselves only in the eyes of the Other – Photo journal from grapes gathering

Few words, much love. To all. No matter who they are because every one of us is ‘sent’, every one of us is created with a purpose, every one of us is unique in his own way.

Nobody is useless, even if some of us feel like so but we are only useful when we do not exist for ourselves. We must open towards the others with what we have and let us not have the complex of inferiority which is only a chimera of the evil one in our mind. God is a loving father and He knows that we must try many times in order to improve and reach a certain level. That is why he gave us time. Time did not exist – it was created by God for us, so let us try to do good deeds because the one who doesn’t try, surely won’t succeed.

Do not hate the others, because as God loves you, so does He love your enemy. Love the others, but remember that true love is only found on the Cross. Prepare for the crucifixion because only in this way you will escape from the singularity of death and reach to resurrection of love.

We have no other road but to love even if we feel the crucifixion to be painful because of our fallen nature.

See, God put the sense of sight in the head. Why? Do you know? So that we cannot see ourselves. So that we see only the other and love only the other. And so that we see ourselves only in the eyes of the Other.

Based on Gerontissa Gabriella

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