We must force ourselves to love others and not to be angry at them – Photo Journal from Vespers of Love

Love is essentially the banishment of every kind of contrary thought, for love thinks no evil. So, we must love others as they are and not as we want to be, according to our selfish desires. We can pray for them, we can give them our good example–even our good counsels. But we must not direct our anger toward them.

God is love and using anger toward other persons, who are in God’s image, angers God, except the situation in which God himself shows us that we must do so. But even in this case, our anger should not last after sunset. So, if you think that you are allowed to be angry, think again:  God is love, and the one who remains in love remains in God and God in him.

Based on Saint John of the Ladder, Saint John the Theologian

In these photos are depicted candid shots from the Vespers of Love.

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