We know when we will die – Photo Journal from the Easter Vespers

We know when we will die.

Unfortunately this knowledge is lost in the labyrinth of our mind, due to our darkness generated by our sinful life.

An enlightened mind will tell us three things:

1.- God is a loving father

2.- We are eternal

3.- The critical importance of death is that after it we cannot repent anymore. We cannot change our path anymore, for good or bad.

So for an enlightened mind it becomes clear that God will take us in the most convenient moment for us: when we are in the closest possible position to God here on Earth, in our spiritual maximum here on Earth taking in account all factors including the law of decay, when it is better to us to depart from this life and according to God’s providence for the time and hour of our death. That’s why nobody has the right to take the life of someone else because nobody knows when it is the most convenient moment for the other to die. Only God knows. That’s why crime is always a sin and it is considered of a lower gravity when God Himself allows this – for example, in war.

So, if we repent and try to become better individuals, then we shouldn’t be afraid of that hour. Death will not come unexpected nor will it be something fearful, rather it will mean a stabilization on a good direction and it will mean to us the final victory over death in Christ Jesus.

In the photos are candid shots from the Easter Vespers held in Great Saturday.

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