We are reconciled only through Christ’s cross and resurrection – Photo journal from Paschal Litany

The results of Adam’s sin were his separation from God, from other humans (that is, from his wife), from the environment and, ultimately, separation, due to the fight between different parts of his soul – the conflict inside of him.

What is obvious during the Paschal litany is the happiness which stems from global reconciliation which only Christ’s cross and resurrection can bring: now we are united with God, between us, and with the environment. Besides that, we are serene inside of us. The resurrected God gave us the power to be reconciled with ourselves through humility of love. Finally, we have true peace.

In the following photos, you will see candid shots from the Litany at Vatopaidi, led by Elder Methodios, the abbot from of the Hilandar Monastery, which responded to the visit of the Elder Ephraim who was the leader at their Litany.

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