The war of thoughts; the stages of sin

At the beginning, the thought is making just a simple appearance. If the mind throws it away then all the war is gone. However, most of the time the mind is talking with the thought which it is leading to consent. Consenting with the thought means the beginning of sin.

After this, the mind starts to make plans to do the thought which it approved of. If we still don’t cut our will then we will do the sin in practice.

And if we don’t stop here we will end up being slaves of this sin.

We can stop on each stage of sin but in order to achieve this we should keep away from causes which provoke this war. Secondly, we need to keep our mind vigilant and use correctly our hate against the sin. Thirdly, we should pray in order to get the power from God to reject the sin. Finally we should confess and ask for advice in order to keep us humble so God can really help us.

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