A vote between heaven and earth – Photo journal with Metropolitan Theophan of Moldavia

There are so many political parties that try to deceive us. So many parties that want to exploit us. So many people who press us with their promises and, in the end, they do almost nothing for us.

On the other hand, God tells us the truth always. He sacrificed His Son for our liberty and our salvation. He does everything for us; however He will not force our freedom of choice.

So, why shouldn’t we ‘vote’ for God, to vote for what would please Him the most? We must have the courage to do this despite all the coercion to do otherwise.

There are many who seek to compel us with their carefully crafted words and promises. The Christian must use the measure that the Church provides, as well as prayer, to help decide how to choose.

In this photo, Metropolitan Theophan of Moldavia stands “between heaven and earth” during the Liturgy at Vatopaid in 2010.

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