How to understand a cross (Photo Report with Mihai Neșu)

It is difficult to understand the cross of another if we have not experienced it ourselves. Still, through our own personal cross and struggle we may learn to appreciate the struggles of others.

Though we cannot know the personal struggles of our neighbor, we may try to understand our brother’s cross by approaching with humilty. An honest recognition of our own weakness will help us bond with his weakness, and in this appreciation we learn to share one another’s crosses.

If we fail to recognize our own weakness, we cannot then truly share in the weakness of others. We do not help bear their crosses and they are prevented from bearing ours. We remain alone in the tears of our isolation.

In Christ’s own Cross, all of our own crosses are united. In His love, we lift them together; in this shared pain, we find God’s grace and joy.

In this photo, Abbot Ephraim is giving his prayer rope to Mihai Neșu, a well-known professional football player who was left paralyzed from a training accident.

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