The types of prayer according to apostle

The apostle notes four types of prayer. ‘My advice is that first of all supplication should be offered up for everyone, prayers, pleas, and thanksgiving’ (I Tim. 2:1)…

A supplication is a plea or petition made on account of present and past sins by someone who is moved by contrition to seek pardon.

In prayers, we offer or promise something to God. The Greek term means ‘vow’…

Third come pleas. We usually make them for others when we ourselves are deeply moved in spirit. We offer them for those dear to us or when we beg for peace in the world…

Fourth are thanksgivings. Unspeakably moved by the memory of God’s past kindnesses, by the vision of what He now grants or by all that He holds out as a future reward to those who love Him, the mind gives thanks.

In this perspective richer prayers are often uttered. Looking with purest gaze at the rewards promised to the saints, our spirit is moved by measureless joy to pour out wordless thanksgiving to God.

Based on St. John Cassian

In this photo a monk waiting to use his sermantron during a litany at Vatopedi monastery, Holy Mountain.

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