The true aim of our life

The true aim of our Christian life consists in the acquisition of the Holy Spirit of God.
So, if someone does not acquire the Holy Spirit is a loser, and that’s why he cannot find his peace even if he’ll obtain anything else in the world.

That’s why an extraordinary service called the Kneeling Prayer, is observed on the night of Pentecost. This is a Vespers service to which are added three sets of long poetical prayers, the composition of Saint Basil the Great, during which everyone makes a full prostration, touching their foreheads to the floor (prostrations in church having been forbidden from the day of Pascha (Easter) up to this point). Uniquely, these prayers include a petition for all of those in hell, that they may be granted relief and even ultimate release from their confinement, if God deems this possible.

Based on Sf. Seraphim of Sarov

In this photo Metropolitan Athanasios of Lemessos reading the kneeling prayers in the Vatopaidi’s main church.

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