The Top 10 Ascetic Posts for 2020

We wish to thank you for being with us during 2019. Your support was invaluable for us and it was an incredible year and the top read ascetic posts this year show once again your love for God and his saints. Below are the top 10 ascetic posts for 2020 based on the most read ascetic articles in 2019. We wish you a new blessed year 2020 full of realizations and grace of God. Before leaving you in the companion of the list, what is humbling for us is that the most visited page (aside of general pages like Home etc.) is the page of Donations and Prayer Requests. Thank you once again for your support! Without you this site would not exist.

The Top 10 Ascetic Posts for 2020 are:

Elder Ephraim (Moraitis) of Philoteou, Arizona – Photo Journal with his life
Death: Lack of comprehension
Why Saint George is such a huge saint? – Photo journal from his cell at Kolitsou (Colciu)
How Mother of God looked like? – Photo Journal from Her Tomb (Jerusalem)
The Unknown Heroes – Photo Journal from the Cell of St. John the Theologian
Paisios of Mount Athos: his most dire temptation – photo journal with his cell and feast
My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? – Photo Journal from Great Friday
Elder Joseph the Hesycast, Elder Daniil and Ephraim of Katounakia and Elder Hieronymos of Simonopetra are entering in the Church’s Calendar: Procedure
We must force ourselves to love others and not to be angry at them – Photo Journal from Vespers of Love
The Holy Monastery of Saint Panteleimon (Rossikon)

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