The Skete of the Holy Trinity (Kafsokalivia) with the cell of Saint Porphyrios

The Skete belongs to the Holy Monastery of Great Lavra and took its name from Saint Maximus the Kafsokalyvi who lived there in the fourteenth century and used to build improvised shacks. When realizing that there was the fear of him loving the shacks, he immediately started burning them. He wanted to give all his love to God alone. The name „kafsokalyvi” (Greek) means „shack-burner”.

The main church (Kyriakon) of the Skete is dedicated to Holy Trinity, was built in 1745 and was adorned with frescoes by Papa Jonah.

The skete is situated between the Romanian Skete of Prodromou and Karoulia on a steep versant of Athos.

The interiors are from the cell of Saint George, the cell of Saint Porphyrios of Kafsokalivia

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