The secrets of Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi – Photo Journal from his memorial service

Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi (+2009) was a very pious monk and we honor his memory each year with much devotion and dedication. His holiness was acquired through his great ascetical feats along with good deeds which he performed throughout his entire life, and in most cases in discretion, just like any other spiritual person.

When we speak about his virtues, we speak about something which he had to a greater degree than others in his time, things which are easy to understand and which will help us a lot.

His virtues were of a strict adherence to a monastic program, his continuous repentance, his burning love of God and his desire of helping others.

The strict adherence to a spiritual program is one which keeps us spiritually on track in the long run and keeps our minds pure. Initially, we need some effort to set and maintain a program but it is all the worth while, otherwise we will be just wasting our time and efforts with no fruitful spiritual results.

Continuous repentance and self-abasement, while having faith in God keeps the soul warm and the heart soft, for a contrite and humbled heart God will not despise. Besides that, it keeps us joyful, content and peaceful.

Finally, the struggle to concretely help others, and foes for that matter, is the solid love which is the necessary ingredient in acquiring God’s grace.

In the following photos are moments from the Memorial Service held in the honor of Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi. Metropolitan Athanasios of Limassol was present at the ceremony which also ordained a priest and a deacon.

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