The region of Katunakia with the holy relics (skulls) of Saints Ephraim and Daniel of Katunakia and their cells

Not far, and at higher altitude from Karoulia, one finds the Katounakia hesychasterion. The scenery here is calmer compared to that of Karoulia. The region of Katounakia is a group of cells located between St. Anne’s Skete and Karoulia.

The name of katunakia comes from some monks from Egypt which came and settled here. They tried to employ an asceticism similar with the one from Egypt but the fathers advised them that here the climate is much more difficult – a colder environment with a lot of humidity. Unfortunately, the Egyptian ascetics didn’t listen and they died shortly after. After them, remained their cloaks which are called ‘katuni’. Katunaki is the affective diminutive – “the small cloak”. Katunakia is the plural: “the small cloaks”.

Katounakia are world renowned thanks to the existence here of the Danieline house of hagiography, founded by the Saint Daniel of Katunakia when he came here to practice asceticism at the beginning of 20th century. The monks residing here are occupied with hagiography and wood carving.

In the following photos you will see the skull of Saint Ephraim of Katunakia in a octagonal wooden reliquary with shots of his chapel and his cell which is painted in light yellow. Also, you can see shots with the cell of Saint Daniel of Katunakia – a long and white cell with dark pink decorations and the skull of Saint Daniil of Katunakia in a rectangular wooden reliquary with filigree above.

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