The Push-Button civilization

We learnt enough in order to have confidence in what we think we know but we did not learnt enough in order to accept something else which might contradict our narrow views.
Our times are times of mediocrity, of passion for inculture, of laziness, of inability to tackle a task and finish it and of desire to have everything ready.
We are the civilization of the push-button and our modern means cut us the power to be patient, the power to believe, the power to listen and contemplate the beauty of the others’ personality.
If Christ would come again today, we would kill Him again, for our peril, having faith again in “our power”.
We should never forget that we are always contemporary with the eternal Christ. Based on our actions, which is the Biblical role which fits to us?

Based on Feodor Dostoievski, fr. Seraphim Rose

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