The one who leaves unity for money is like Judas

Here on earth, we need material wealth for our body but never, ever tie your soul to it. Christ called Judas “devil” because of his love of money. “Devil” is not a species of angels but it is a description of behavior: it is the one who calumniates, the one who decries. (Gr. Διαβάλλω = to calumniate, decry). Love of money means hate of people.

Even if the beginning of the love of money is the pretext of almsgiving, at the end of it is hatred of the poor.

On the other hand, the one, who attained love, scatters money and, in this way, reaches eternal serenity because only together will we be saved.

In hell, we go alone.

In this photo, some monks are singing together while entering into the refectory during a feast.

Based on Saint John of the Ladder

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