The irrationality of war

Someone which isn’t warmed by the love of others, will start a fire around him in order to warm himself. This is the irrationality of war in a society without God.

That’s why our link with God is essential because it is the link with peace and love. Without God we are condemned to be at war with ourselves and with others.

The one which starts a war with others is already defeated in the war with himself and in the war with the demons.

We are always in times of war inside us and so we must be always awake in order to not accept any evil thoughts which will lead to the irrationality of war between us.

We think starting a war with the others we will win but we must remember that “They that take the sword shall perish with the sword.” (Mt. 26:52) Never forget that the true victory is our peace, not our war.

Nowadays the irrationality of our civilization has reached new heights – this thing is evident from the fact that in the past we produced weapons to be used in wars. Today we promote wars in order to use our weapons.

The entire history of humanity is a proof of the irrationality of finding another way to succeed without Jesus – it is a proof of the irrationality of war.

In the photo a monk starting a fire for the main church (katholikon). Vatopedi monastery. Mount Athos.

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