The Image of Those Who Hope in God

How wonderful, how pleasing, how charming is the image of those who hope in the God Who saves, in God the compassionate, the God of mercy, the good God Who loves mankind.

People who hope in God are truly blessed. God is their constant helper and they fear no evil, even if others provoke them. They hope in God and do good. They have set their every hope on Him and they confess to Him with all their heart. He is their boast, their God and they call upon Him day and night. Their mouths direct praise to God; their lips are sweeter than honey and wax when they open them to sing to God; their tongue, full of grace, is moved to glorify God. Their heart is eager to call upon Him, their mind ready to be elevated towards Him, their soul is committed to God and “His right hand has upheld them”. “Their souls will boast in the Lord”. They ask and receive from God whatever their heart desires. They ask and find whatever they seek. They knock and the gates of mercy are opened.

“Saint Nectarios of Pentapolis”

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