The heart of man is the centre of his personhood

Those who are born of the spirit have a heart in which dwells Christ ‘through faith’. According to biblical anthropology and orthodox tradition, the heart of man is the centre of his personhood. It is there that choices occur and decisions are made. There, God is revealed and there He dwells. There, man meets with God and through God he feels united with all the generations of men. God makes his heart ‘His footstool’ and enlarges it with His grace, so that it can embrace heaven and earth. A man that bears this divine enlargement within him will always accept his brother as his own life and will never reject him because that would cause his being to be amputated. The relationships that such a man creates and the words that he utters will inform the hearts of all those who approach him with grace. He knows a great secret of spiritual life: he only needs to offer to God a contrite heart for Him to build in him ‘a clean heart’, which is consistently able to see the traces of His presence and to be transported there where his treasure is hidden.

“Very Rev. Archimandrite Zacharias (Zacharou)”


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