The Greatest Doctor in China – a photo journal from the Guest House

The state leadership called the greatest doctor in China and asked, “Are you the greatest doctor in China?

To which, the doctor replied: When a patient is on his deathbed and, with great effort and going through borderline situations, I manage to cure his illness. My abilities are known throughout China and beyond the national borders.

We, however, are three brothers:

My middle brother is the one who, from the first signs of the disease’s incubation, has the ability and flexibility of humility, that keeps his mind enlightened, succeeds to minimize the response time and heals the patient without too much effort. His abilities are only known in my hometown.

My eldest brother, even before the disease appears, takes precautionary measures by teaching people correct behavior in which the central place is love, prayer and avoiding the priority of material concerns. This helps to avoid:

  • Stigmatizing the one who is suspected of being ill and opening him to any treatment. Otherwise, the patient is isolated, does not immediately seek appropriate treatment and is discouraged from having healthy habits to eradicate the disease because he is ashamed and afraid to see that he is ill.
  • The panic that darkens the mind – so that correct decisions can be made depending on the case.
  • Loss of hope. People keep their hope in God and therefore have the power to fight the disease.

Although my eldest brother has by far the most effective results with the least effort, his skills are known only to me.

Candid shots from day by day routine at Vatopedi’s guesthouse, Mount Athos.

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