The dignified behavior – it is worth it?

An ordinary Christian who has a morally dignified behavior becomes a symbol of the Truth manifested on earth and is a censor for the consciences of others. Honest souls will seek him to share his wisdom. The dishonest soul will bypass him and mock him or slander him. Through this treatment, he resembles the Crucified One.

Although the problem of humanity is that intelligent people are few and doubtful, aware of their limitations under the light they have from God, darkened people are full of confidence. If the darkened man is not sure of his position, he is not darkened enough.

In this situation, in order to not judge others we must remember that Judas was one of the 12 apostles and the crucified thief near Jesus was a murderer and the change between the two happened in a wonderful and unexpected second for us that we stand and judge others.

So the most important advice is: love, love, love with all your soul and … forgive.

Based on Virgil Maxim, St. John of the Ladder, Father Arsenie Papacioc

A glimpse from a divine liturgy. Vatopedi monastery, Mount Athos.

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