The almighty Jesus: the tyrant which wasn’t

The almighty Jesus was the only one which had the right, the power and the capacity to be a tyrant. However He didn’t choose to be one because His aim wasn’t to impose us the evidence of our nothingness but rather to be an example for us and use His almighty nature to raise us from the abyss of our desperation.

We must understand that God doesn’t have absolute power because power is defined as unity of work in unity of time. Since God is above time and can do whatever He likes – that’s why Jesus isn’t almighty in the proper sense of the word.

His absolute power is just His expression towards us in day-by-day life and this absolute power is expressed towards us as delicacy. He uses His all-mighty nature in order to help us to advance towards Him, that is to reach eternal personal perfection, but without crushing our liberty. He handles us with the utmost delicacy possible, like a giant crane which tries to raise up into skies a small baby without making him any harm.

If Jesus wasn’t a tyrant but said “Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” (Mt 11:29) then why do we continuously try to achieve more and more power to oppress others and our soul, exceeding by far our level of incapacity?

It is a road without exit. The almighty Jesus, the tyrant which wasn’t, proved that through His resurrection!

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