Strategy and Geopolitics

The only strategy that succeeds today is prayer, counsel and attention. Through these three we come into full harmony with the universe.

Through prayer we have a right relationship with God, allowing Him to intervene in our lives. Any strategy other than prayer is doomed in the long run to failure because our vision and ability is extremely limited, while God is omnipotent and almighty.

By definition, any strategy we conceive, when it is finished enough to be applied, is already outdated. Prayer gives us the flexibility and enlightenment needed to deal with problems as they develop and evolve.

We have a good relationship with others through advice. Being aware of our limitations, we must necessarily ask for guidance, act in a network – never alone. We have to receive a lot of advice but not from too many sources. The question which we ask takes us out of the hell of relativity, but we must ask not to be ready to answer back but to try to understand the others better.

The right relationship with ourselves is a relationship of continuous attention. We must pay attention to the thoughts that come to us and try to discern them on the basis of prayer and advice which are good and which are bad. Attention helps us to see the signs that God leaves in our daily life, pointing us to the ways of applying the strategy.

Thus, let us follow His example and through the cross we will be able to reach the resurrection, the only one that satisfies our need and desire for victory.

Crossing a small river near Vatopedi, Mount Athos

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