The spiritual nature of hymns – A photo journal with Vatopaidi’s choir (Audio)

Sometimes chanting in moderation soothes the temper remarkably. But sometimes, if untimely and immoderate, it lends itself to the lure of pleasure. Let us then appoint definite times for this, and so make good use of it.

Correctly used, nothing so arouses the soul, gives it wing, sets it free from the earth, releases it from the prison of the body, teaches it to love wisdom and to despise all the things of this life, as concordant melody and sacred song composed in rhythm.

Based on St. John of the Ladder, St. John Chrysostom

A part of the Vatopaidi choir rehearsing in the Monastery’s main church. Since during the day the monks are occupied with work and other activities, the rehearsals take place late in the evening.

Click below to listen to the Katavasia chanted during the Christmas Divine Liturgy (2015 – live recording of the monks).

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