What is the spiritual meaning of Christ’s cave to us?

It is amazing that the entrance of the uncreated, eternal God occurred within time and in His created world, in complete secrecy, in complete silence, and in such humble circumstances. Even from His birth, Christ showed us the fullness of His humility.
The almighty God was born in a cave, since all available rooms were filled that night. Though the Virgin Mary was about to give birth, no one had compassion on her. Hence even man, whom the Lord himself had created, neglected to show mercy to His Holy Mother.
Through his birth, God demonstrated to us that a new world was born with the Nativity of Christ. He would fulfill the old Mosaic Law, proclaim the new Law of the Holy gospels and seal it through His death and resurrection.
In these photos, various ascetical caves are depicted from the eremitic Romanian Skete of Kalamitsi, near Vatopaidi. Drag with the mouse or click ‘Next’ and ‘Show Description’ to see all the photos and read the description for each photo.

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