The serenity of an abbot – Photo Journal from the name day of the Abbot Ephraim – part 1: the vigil (Audio)

An abbot was always very serene even if he had a big brotherhood to deal with. Once upon a time a disciple asked him:

“My elder, how do you succeed in being so calm?”

The abbot replied:

“Before I give any command, I say to myself not to get angry if nobody will listen to it”

In these photos you will find candid shots from the vigil held on the occasion of the name day of the Abbot Ephraim of Vatopaidi. Four bishops were present . From left to right: Amphilohios of Kissamou, Ioustinos of Kalamarias (on throne), Chrysostomos of Dodonis (on the 2nd throne) and Kyril of Ekaterinburg.

Click below to listen a live recording from the feast:

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