Saint Paisios the Athonite on spiritual warfare

Don’t set any store by your thoughts, whether they tell you’re terrible, or when they tell you that you’re a saint.

Just live simply, without overthinking, like a child with its father. Faith without too much thinking works wonders. The logical mind hinders the Grace of God and miracles. Practice patience without judging with the logical mind.

Thoughts are like airplanes flying in the air. If you ignore them, there’s no problem. If you pay attention to them, you create an airport inside your head and permit them to land!

If you see a thought flying like a helicopter and trying to land where it shouldn’t – in other words, a persistent thought – then you take the bazooka and boom! – Then confess it.

This is because the goal is to rise spiritually, not simply to avoid sin.

Based on Saint Paisios the Athonite

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