Saint Mark the Ascetic: The Spiritual Law – Photo journal from the Skete of Saint Demetrios

After fulfilling a commandment expect to be tempted: for love of Christ is tested by adversity.

So, never belittle the significance of your thoughts, for not one escapes God’s notice.

For example, take care especially at this: When you observe some thought suggesting that you seek human fame, you can be sure it will bring you disgrace.

On the other hand tough, the enemy, understanding how the justice of the spiritual law is applied, seeks only the assent of our mind.

Having secured this, he will either oblige us to undergo’ the labors of repentance or, if we do not repent, will torment us with misfortunes beyond our control. Sometimes he encourages us to resist these misfortunes so as to increase our torment, and then, at our death, he will point to this impatient resistance as proof of our lack of faith.

Taking in consideration the above, many have fought in various ways against circumstances; but without prayer and repentance no one has escaped evil.

We must remember that evils reinforce each other; so do virtues, thus encouraging us to still greater efforts.

So, the devil belittles small sins; otherwise he cannot lead us into greater ones.

Based on Saint Mark the Ascetic

In the photos, candid shots from the spiritual atmosphere from the Divine Liturgy held at the Skete of Saint Demetrios, Vatopedi Monastery in the day of Saint Demetrios

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