Saint Mark the Ascetic: Reality is our game

Do not say: ‘I do not know what is right, therefore I am not to blame when I fail to do it.’ For if you did all the good about which you do know, what you should do next would then become clear to you, as if you were passing through a house from one room to another. It is not helpful to know what comes later before you have done what comes first. For knowledge without action ‘puffs up’, but ‘love edifies’, because it ‘patiently accepts all things’ (1 Cor. 8:1; 13:7).

So, understand the words of Holy Scripture by putting them into practice, and do not fill yourself with conceit by expatiating on theoretical ideas.

It’s like in a computer game: you must first do the first level to reach the higher levels. You cannot say that you are not to blame if you have not reached the higher levels, nor that you are a great player if you have not practically reached there. Of course, the winner will be the one who finishes all levels.

Reality is our game.

Based on Saint Mark the Ascetic

A candid shot in the courtyard of Vatopedi monastery, Mount Athos.

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