Saint Eprhaim of Katounakia: Everyone has a cross to carry

Everyone has a cross to carry. Why? Since the leader of our faith endured the cross, we will also endure it. On one hand, the cross is sweet and light, but, on the other, it can also be bitter and heavy. It depends on our will. If you bear Christ’s cross with love then it will be very light; like a sponge or a cork. But if you have a negative attitude, it becomes heavy; too heavy to lift.

The God’s grace is sweet but sometimes can be bitter, too. Also, a lot of grace costs a lot because we are sinful and we try to do our will.

So, anyway we will have a cross. Let us not fight against God, but fight with obedience, patience and prayer against our darkness and then the cross will be much easier.

Based on Saint Ephraim of Katounakia

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