Resist the devil – a photo journal from a Holy Water service

A complete guide on how to resist the devil, especially if you are under demonic attacks and there is a danger of demonization is outlined below. We must be always aware of this danger and must take the precautionary measures, especially if we have grave sins or we are targets of concentrated demonic attacks because of Spells or curses cast against us.

  1. Pray with the Jesus prayer – it is way better to use a prayer rope for this.
  2. Know the biggest secret of the devil, that he cannot do anything if we do not give him rights.
  3. Do not believe anything you see or feel. All warfare is based on deception. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.
  4. Repent for your wrongdoings in front of God but take care to not despair.
  5. Seek anything odd in your house or nearby which would resemble as an object used for black magic and burn it or bury it into the ground.
  6. DO NOT have any other contact with any occultism (wizardry, astrology, tarot etc.). Ever. Block everything on your phone, social media etc. Yes, it is very serious.
  7. If you don’t know already an Orthodox Church, search for Orthodox Churches in your area and go there.
  8. There, tell them what happened to you and ask to do at your house the Service of the Holy Water and to bless (sprinkle) your house with this water.
  9. Also, ask the Priest, based on the info you gave at the point 8 above, to read for you „The exorcisms of Saint Basil the Great” – he will (should) know what is this also. Do not be afraid of some impressive phenomena during these prayers.
  10. Speak with a priest and attend regularly to the services there. You will be inside in a safer environment.
  11. To be sincere, you should confess and receive the Holy Communion but if you aren’t orthodox, this cannot be done. This will detonate any demonic energy though. As I said at point 10 above, at least speak with a priest „like a confession” and God will help you.
  12. Ask if there are Holy Relics and, if they exist, ask the priest to bless you with them.
  13. Also, if you aren’t orthodox already, if you will be baptized orthodox as it should with three immersions, this will also definitely clear up any demonic energy upon you.
  14. You can use also other types of prayer, but the main one should be the Jesus’ prayer.
  15. Do fast: Wednesday and Friday do not eat food of animal origin – seafoods are ok though. This will help you because it will minimize the demonic influence.
  16. From the church where you go, buy a cross and an icon of Mother of God. Small ones – it doesn’t matter the size – and place them in your room.
  17. Having a cross around your neck is necessary in all situations, especially in such situations.
  18. Read the New Testament. It will help you – especially the Gospels. Start with Matthew.
  19. Take care because the demons will try to frighten you. Do not pay attention (see points 2 and 3 above) but remember that now you are in their range and you must flee from there.
  20. Be constanthave a daily program of prayer (especially in the morning and in the evening), and most importantly to have a spiritual guide from an Orthodox Church.

The photos are from a service of Holy Water at a cell close to Vatopedi monastery, Mount Athos.

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