The refreshment of simplicity – Photo report from an ordinary day

It is simple to be “complex” according to your own vision about yourself. However, it is quite complex to be simple because usually we have a very big idea about ourselves.

That’s why when we see a simple man it is a refreshing experience, especially if he has a high position in the Church.

Unfortunately nowadays there are few such refreshing experiences, that’s why we are so bored.

We must be much simpler. Let us keep in mind that the others don’t care so much about us how we look. Let us regain our naturalness and humbleness and everything will be peaceful and good again.

It is a paradox, though, how our distorted desire to be good generates a lot of evil around us.

In these photos you’ll see the Metropolitan Theophylactos of Tripoli serving the Divine Liturgy as a simple priest. In this photo, he is venerating the Miracle-working icon of Vimatarissa in the Holy Altar.

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