What are the proofs of God’s existence? – Photo journal with Holy Belt’s departure

What are the proofs of God’s existence?

First of all, for the one who is stuck in his own reasoning, it is impossible with human means to prove to him the existence of God, because God does not impose His existence on anyone. Such a man can be convinced only through our personal example and prayer.

However, here are some proofs which, according to the Holy Fathers, will help an open soul:

  • the biggest one is the practical feeling of divine energies in our hearts and in our lives. This is the biggest proof: our personal experience.
  • Besides that, we have the experience of others: through history and nowadays–miracles and many other wondrous experiences.
  • A third proof is the harmony of the entire Creation. We can see that a super-intelligent Being created, arranged and fitted all these things into a huge symphony for our happiness.
  • The final proof is our logic: all things are created or uncreated. Created things must be created by Someone who is above all.

Because the biggest proofs are inside our hearts, this is why we venerate with great love (in other words, from our heart) the things connected with God and His saints.

In these photos, you can see the people at a litany on the occasion of the departure of the Holy Belt for a pilgrimage in Greece, with a small delegation of fathers from the Monastery of Vatopaidi, led by the Abbot Elder Ephraim.


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