How do we prepare for a big feast?

Everyone thinks that a big feast as an occasion of joy and to catch up with loved ones. However, in order to really feel the real happiness one must prepare himself/herself, beyond of preparing food, gifts, decorating house etc.

First of all, we must remember that joy is a virtue from God. It isn’t a psychological state. That’s why in order to prepare ourselves before the feast to receive the God’s grace, we must keep fasting (according with the respective ascetic guidelines), confess, go to church and read spiritual texts in accordance with that feast.

We must take into consideration that before and after a major event such as Christmas, New Year, one’s Birthday, Easter and so on… the devil tries to ruin the joy that is spread from the festive season so one can feel upset, saddened, hate.

Take care and let God do His works. Through pray all can be managed. Before the beginning of the day, events, gatherings etc, say a little prayer so God can be present to protect from any evil harm.

In this photo, monks from Vatopaidi are at the kitchen preparing fish, the main meal for the feast.

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