On the Precious and Life-Giving Cross

Τoday is the feast of the Cross; let the choirs of angels rejoice. The Cross appears; let the whole congregation of the Church reverence it. The divine power of the Cross is elevated; let the hosts of demons be put to flight. But, divine cross, the inexpressible spectacle of the angels, the boast of the faithful, the royal sceptre- I speak to you as though you were a living thing- you, of course, have brought to us the joyful tidings of salvation. Through you, the barred gates of Paradise have been opened again.

Through you, the authority and power of death have been abolished, Hell has been stripped, the dead have come back to life, the robber rejoices and is glad in Paradise, the earthly has been united with the heavenly. Through you we’ve learned the truth, we’ve been given the baptism of rebirth, people have been granted forgiveness of their sins, we’ve received the gift of the Holy Spirit. Through you, churches are sanctified and become temples of God, we enjoy the Body and Blood of Christ, we become worthy of being children of God and heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven. Through you, our holy feasts and festivals are full of divine joy and Godly light. What tongue is able to describe how many and of what kind are the gifts that Christ, the true God, has made to the human race?

Since we know this through words, my beloved participants in this feast, let us embrace with pure hearts and clean mouths the venerable and life-giving Tree, on which Christ our God was raised up and had His divine hands punctured with nails. On which those who crucified the Lord pierced His side with a spear and gave him vinegar and gall to drink. As they passed by, they shook their heads and said mockingly: “See, he saved others, but he can’t save himself. If he’s the Son of God, let him come down now from the cross and we’ll believe in him”.

This is what the people of the Jews did, ungrateful and hardened as they were, even though they had enjoyed the benefits of divine miracles. But let us venerate in faith the life-giving Passion of Christ: the Crucifixion, the Burial, and the three-day Resurrection from the dead, so that we may rise and be glorified with Him. “If so be that we suffer with him that we may also be glorified with him”, as Saint Paul, the “chosen vessel”, says.

This is why the all-holy Cross invites us today to its feast and offers us imperishable and eternal foods. So that, if we wish to have Him as the sure guardian of our salvation and desire to have His divine Grace with us, let us not distress Him with wicked and unclean works, with obscene and dirty words which embolden the inventor of evil (the devil). Because in this way, he acquires power against us and leads us into the pit of perdition. But drawing strength from the aid of the Live-Giving Cross, let us repel him at once.

“Saint Joseph the Confessor”

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