No one is able to know the Mind of God

Our Dear Lord Jesus will satisfy the requests of the members of His holy church, when He deems that the outcome will only be for our own good. Therefore we should not be demanding, and similarly, we should not be impatient. We should ask politely and with perfect abandon. We will receive if, and when, HE knows, this is to our own true and eternal advantage.

“When the Lord does not give us something we persistently request of Him, then one of two things may be happening. He does not wish to give us something which is not for our own good, or we are unable to see when, and especially how, we should be asking. And these are not mutually exclusive; that is, both may be happening.

Regarding the first case, no one may discover the Lord’s wishes. And this is because no one is able to know the Mind of God. That is why I shall refrain from making a comment.

Regarding the second case, however, I could say a lot. First and foremost, when we are asking something from God we should refrain from digging our heels in and retort… “I must absolutely have this right now..”. Because this response is not just absurd; but also constitutes a great disrespect towards our Maker. Who are you, or, if you prefer, who am I, that I can demand things of the Lord? And not only that, but I am also prepared to tell Him exactly when He is supposed to satisfy these demands.

“Saint Porfyrios of Kavsokalyvia”

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