What means „poor in spirit”? – Photo journal of a liturgy in the Chapel of Paramythia

Οur Lord said ”Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” . The Church explains this as the humbleness which we must all achieve in order to reach the kingdom of heaven. This is true, however we must stress that „poor in spirit” does not mean lacking in spirit, as courage, or zeal. Also, it does not mean a fool or having a reduced capacity of understanding things either spiritual or scientific.

Here „poor” has a closer meaning to „beggar” – someone who has the conscience that he doesn’t have enough spiritual wealth in order to live as he needs to, hence he is forced to beg this spiritual wealth from God. Matthew stresses „poor in spirit”, unlike Luke who says only „poor” in order to show that the wealth which we need and are lacking is spiritual in nature.

Based on Matthew 5:3 and Luke 6:20

The photos are depicting a humble and intimate divine liturgy from the Chapel of Paramythia with the Lebanese Bishop Constantine of Chrysopolis serving as a priest.

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