How to Make Major Decisions

It is a shame to cut down or destroy a tree recklessly, but… as a result of a landslide, this tree was likely to fall and block the road, so the decision was made to cut it down. Besides, with its roots broken, it was likely to die soon anyway. The decision to cut down the tree was a responsible one.

Making a major life decision should be done with careful consideration and with the utilization of the tools God has placed at our disposal. These tools may include:

  • Prayer, asking God to guide us to do what is best;
  • Consulting with someone trusted, according to the situation: a spiritual elder or priest, a parent or spouse, our employer, a friend;
  • Fasting and other ascetic practices that reduce outer distractions and make us more open to discerning the will of God;
  • Being attentive to the movements and inspiration of the Holy Spirit within our mind and heart.

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