Live each day as if it were the Second Coming

The more I contemplate this phrase, the more I realize that it holds the key to living our lives the Orthodox way.

First, to live each day as if it were the Second Coming confirms the first postulate of Christianity: that we accept the first coming of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.


Secondly, if we lived each day as if it were the Second coming, we would be better people – better mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, friends, co-workers, etc, in that we would be more forgiving of others. As my parish priest also says that we have to make amends with people in this life because once we are on the other side it’s too late. We must forgive not only for others sake but for our own salvation. We would have forgiveness and contrition in our hearts daily not only benefiting those around us, but also benefiting our own souls. We would be more loving, more giving, more understanding and more patient with those around us.

We would have more compassion and be there for our loved ones in times of physical and spiritual illness never turning them away. Moreover, we would better control what comes out of our mouths towards others instead of spontaneously blurting things out. We would be more giving, especially of our money and possessions to others who need it if we imagined that each day might be our last on this earth. Likewise, it would be very difficult for us to judge others as if we had a constant image on our minds of being judged ourselves.

“Fr. Cornel Todeasa”


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