Jesus suffered to keep you from anger

You have a spiritual nature. The soul is the image of the Creator. Honor the image of God by being in agreement with all humanity.

Remember death, and do not be angry, so that your peace will not be a peace of constraint.

As long as you live, cleanse your soul from wrath. For if it should go down to Sheol with you, your road will lead straight to hell.

Do not keep anger in your soul. Do not hold fury in your soul. You have no power over your soul except in doing what is good.

You are bought with the blood of God; you are redeemed by the passion of Jesus. For your sake he suffered death, so that you might die to sin. His face endured spitting, so that you might not shrink from scorn. He drank vinegar and gall, so that you might be kept away from wrath. His body was whipped, so that you might not fear suffering.

If you truly are his servant, fear your holy Lord. If you are truly his disciple, walk in your Master’s footsteps. Endure scorn from your brother, so that you may be the companion of Jesus which suffered for you. Do not show anger against anyone, so that you will not be separated from the Redeemer.

Based on Saint Ephrem the Syrian

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