I don’t enjoy church, does that mean I’m going to Hell?

Many put this question: If I don’t enjoy church, does that mean that I’m going to Hell?

Well, this is a worrisome sign because the services are the preview of paradise …or rather they should be.

So, the main problem is with us – with our distorted nature which doesn’t want to accept the types of tranquility and (mostly-inner) actions of paradise.

In any case, our task at hand is to accustom ourselves with the heavenly kingdom through the services and try to raise our mind to the heavenly realities.

In this way this parasite of Adam’s fall will slowly fade away and with our Lord’s mercy at the hour of our departure from this earthly life we will be more or less prepared for the Kingdom of Heaven.

In the photo a candid shot from the Divine Liturgy held at Vatopedi monastery, Mount Athos.


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