The humbleness of a Patriarch – Full Photo Report with the visit of Patriarch of Serbia, Irinej

It is our obligation to do a pilgrimage to Vatopaidi because Saint Savvas learnt here that only through holiness we can build a nation. We, as a nation, are the disciples of Saint Savvas and Saint Savvas was a monk, a disciple of this monastery. Our history, our culture, our nation would be much poorer without Saint Savvas the Archbishop of the Serbs, without the understanding that we need to love God and our nation in our day-to-day life.

Based on Patriarch Irinej of Serbia

In these photos you can see a glimpse from the historic visit of Patriarch Irinej of Serbia at Vatopaidi on the 5th of December 2016 together with Bishop Jovan and Archim. Methodios, the abbot of Hilandari Monastery.

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