How we must approach the Holy Communion

Him we must seek in every way in order that we may feed on Him and ward off hunger by constantly attending this banquet. Nor should we unnecessarily abstain from the holy table and thus greatly weaken our souls on the pretext that we are not really worthy of the Mysteries. Rather, we must resort to the priests for Confession on account of our sins so that we may drink of the cleansing Blood.

But if we know these things we should by no means incur guilt from great offenses so as to be excluded from the holy table. It is the ungodly who insolently approach the sacred Gifts after committing a sin unto death; those who are not afflicted with such diseases may not rightly flee from that Bread. For those who are still in their wills fighting its coals it is right to beware of the fire and not receive Christ to dwell with them until they have been reconciled to Him. Those whose wills are rightly disposed but who are sickly in other respects have need of the strengthening medicine, and should betake themselves to Him who bestows spiritual health, and who “has borne our infirmities and carried our diseases,” rather than shun Him who will heal them on the pretext of their ailments.

Based on Saint Nicholas Cabasilas

A candid moment from the Great Entrance of a Divine Liturgy, Vatopedi Monastery

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