How to use loneliness – a photo journal from a Divine Liturgy

Loneliness – voluntarily or not – is your time for prayer and knowing God better. This knowledge comes mainly via prayer because prayer is the union of the mind with God.

Also, do not forget to do good deeds in order to keep God’s grace, especially be attentive, merciful, work and keep a constant program because if you are alone and do not pay attention then laziness, sloth and depression will be your spouses.

You are somewhat like a hermit now, so use this occasion till God allows.

There are several types of prayer but the most powerful is Jesus’ prayer. Use a prayer rope to enhance it. This will clean your soul and it will give you true happiness.

Also besides manual work, read spiritual books as much as you can.

I know that it is hard, that’s why you should continue to find friends and especially attending Church services while confessing in your Orthodox environment but be advised that God comforts like nobody else. On the other hand, though, take care to not cut ties with your priest/spiritual father because the danger of delusion is always present for us.

There was on the top of the Mount Athos a solitary hermit which had a lot of grace from God which comforted him and so, he had a very happy life.

Once, some pilgrims went to him and saw his solitude. The pilgrims felt pity for him and, after a while, they returned to him and brought him a cat in order to have a soul to be with him.

From that point onward, the hermit lost the sweetness of grace and prayed unceasingly to learn why. After a lot of prayer he heard the God’s voice saying: „When you were alone I comforted you. Now your cat comforts you”. And so, the hermit took the cat to a monastic settlement nearby.

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