How to behave in communities, corporations

When you dispute a problem with someone, remember that it isn’t you and the problem against the other but you and the other against the problem.

We should always separate the problem from the problematic people, the sin from the sinner – we should hate the sin but love the sinner.

We should always search to improve the workflow, to avoid the mistake, to make the process better and not so much to find the guilty.

Having the search for the guilty ones as first priority generates repulsion because is based on hate while having as a main aim the improvement of the community makes for a very positive atmosphere because is based on love.

Do not be afraid, never stop to be a good person because of bad people. Even if you fall, God will be always there to raise you again.

A sin is just a distortion. Even if it seems that the sin won, it won’t last, and the ones who sinned will be never happy, even if they will pretend that they are.

Love, virtue always wins.

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